Re: Sexy News Anchors

I don't agree with the thrust of your response about "Sexy News Anchors."  This is the very thing we've been fighting for some time—students who want to be TV news stars without  learning how to cover and write news stories.

-Professor of Journalism

Yes, I can see where my comments might be interpreted that way.

What should have been included in my original response is that a TV news anchor has very little chance of attaining the anchor position without news experience; and that almost always starts at a local station.

To get that first job a candidate has to be prepared to start out in the field covering news—which generally includes writing, video editing, and even camera operation.

Given the competition for entry-level jobs in TV news, it's only the people who come well prepared who will have a chance of even "getting in the door." And, then it's only the people who excel in these entry-level positions who will get a shot at becoming news anchors. For one thing, it takes several years of experience before voice, diction and general presentation skills develop to a professional level.

When ratings-conscious News Directors then need to promote a woman to an anchor position, they put appearance high on the list of desirable attributes. (Unfortunately, it is this point that I seem to emphasize in my original forum response.)

Women tend to have much less time to make it in TV news than men—and their professional lives tend to be shorter. Just take a look at how many TV newscasts feature 40 to 50 year-old men paired with attractive women who are a couple decades younger. (This, of course, is sexism to the max.)

Most college TV news classes have many attractive young women (and men), but given the level of competition for TV news jobs, this alone won't get them very far.

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