Sexy News Anchors

Although this section first dealt with Paula Zahn and a short lived sexy promotional clip on CNN,* since that letter was published here, TV news has moved even more in the direction of "sexy news anchors." 

Possibly the new high water mark is now (maybe temporarily) represented by Loren Jones, the stunning, blond, actress, bikini model with "zero experience in journalism," who has been hired as an anchorwoman at KYTX, Channel 19, in Tyler, Texas.** The Fox network has even made her transition into broadcast news into a reality show.

In Jones' defense she is reportedly working hard to come up to speed at her new job (without giving up her acting and modeling) and she states that being an anchorwoman has been a life-long dream.

Even so, we clearly have another case of beauty instantly trumping solid credentials in broadcast news.

* Paula Zahn was dropped from CNN in August of 2007.

** Loren Jones was dropped from the Texas station after one month, reportedly because of low ratings. However, she has gotten offers from other TV stations.

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