"I Wouldn't Believe It,

Even If It Was True!"

A lot of people have their minds made up about things...

...and don't want to be confused by the facts.

Plus, they don't want the facts made public...

...to "confuse" other people.

The latest example is the study published in the journal of the American Psychological Association....

...that caught major flack from conservatives and religious-right types (the Family Research Council, the Christian Coalition, etc.).

Rep. Matt Salmon (R-Ariz) quickly jumped on that bandwagon and got the U.S. House of Representatives to condemn the study...

...by a vote of 355-0.

So much flack was raised that for the first time in its 107-year history the American Psychological Association brought in an independent expert to evaluate the quality of the article.

What's all the furor about?

In July of 1998, an article appeared in the APA journal that analyzed some 59 studies of college students who had been sexually abused..

...and concluded from the interviews that not all victims viewed their experiences negatively and that lasting negative effects were less serious in many cases than is commonly assumed.

Keep in mind that The American Psychological Association has condemned sexual abuse in no uncertain terms and has emphasized that it is a serious crime.

You would think that these righteous-right types would be relieved that some victims didn't suffer major life-long repercussions.

But, maybe that would undermine their emotional rhetoric about our "sexually sick society."

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