Breathing the Fire

 I occasionally recommend books that fit in with Kimberly_Doziertopics. A disturbing and captivating book that you won't soon forget is Breathing the Fire by CBS television and radio correspondent Kimberly Dozier.

Kimberly and her two-man crew were hit by a roadside bomb in Iraq on Memorial Day, 2006.  Her crew died, along with a number of others at the scene. 

Kimberly was only given a 50-percent chance of surviving, and that percentage seemed to drop even lower during some of the the early and excruciating weeks of her painful, enlightening, and at times strangely humorous recovery.

Although the incident was widely publicized, much of the information was wrong or distorted.

Breathing the Fire  is a book that you won't soon forget. 

-Ron Whittaker

Ms. Dozier has since left CBS and is now with the Associated Press.

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